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Kevin has been part of the Christian Roofing and Remodeling team since 2004, working his way up through the company as a sub-contractor, then as a repairman, a salesman, Sales Manager, and most recently, General Manager. After years of serving CRR in almost every position in the company, Kevin gained not only technical knowledge but also management and leadership expertise. Kevin fulfilled his dream of owning CRR when he purchased it from Frank Zehna, his mentor, in 2017. He continues Frank's ideology of pairing yesterday's craftsmanship with today's technology for a better-built tomorrow.


Throughout the years, Kevin has seen many building trends and products come and go. He is most excited about industry changes where there is more of a focal point on products that have lifetime warranties and materials that stand the test of time. He enjoys meeting new people and continuing the long-standing relationships that CRR has built throughout the last 80 years. Kevin understands the value of surrounding yourself with a talented team and being equipped with the best products. He is extremely proud of his team and how they strive to solve every problem to give each customer a wonderful experience. He often references Tina Fey, who said, "In most cases, being a good boss means hiring talented people and then getting out of their way."


Kevin was born and raised in the Athens area and stays involved in the community by supporting local non-profit organizations and coaching his children's sports teams. Kevin lives just outside of Athens with his wife, Lauren, and their three children, Henry, Caroline, and Millie. 

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